Are you planning to renovate your house, office, restaurant? You have come to the right place! Tell us about your needs and preferences and you will love the space we remake! Have any untamed, development space? We will give you a projection of its potential and various possibilities of interior arrangements. If you want to, we can also design unique and functional furniture, recommend proven contractors and make sure the whole execution goes efficiently, in accordance with a plan and a project. Bought a parcel on which you want to build your dream house or need to tailor the existing house to your needs? We will design a house which will not only look great from the outside, but will also allow the arrangement of a beautiful and functional interior.

FreeForm Studio for developers

FreeForm Studio offers a wide range of services for developers. Our services will spice your offer up, they are the answer for people searching for good, modern and ergonomic projects. Below you can find the range of our capabilities:

  • we create high-quality internal and external visualizations
  • we develop comprehensive projects of the interiors of houses, apartments, office and commerce spaces
  • we prepare turnkey projects – with a detailed selection of finishing materials and supervision over contractors
  • we prepare model projects of apartments and tailor them to the needs of individual customers
  • we compile a detailed estimate for investments
  • we cooperate with proven contractors during the execution of our projects

We run the following projects:

  • interior design projects, both conceptual and executive: houses, apartments, stores, cafes, restaurants, offices, hotels, beauty parlors, law offices…
  • architectural projects of houses, trade and commerce buildings, with a full documentation and planning permission (both projects started from the scratch and extensions, renovations)
  • supervision and coordination of construction works
  • author’s furniture projects
  • widely understood counseling in designing interiors, their ergonomics and décor
  • turnkey projects
  • visualizations (both for projects executed by us and other architecture studios)
  • ‘small architecture’ projects
  • surveys

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