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Małgorzata Małecka

Małgorzata Małecka interior designer

Michał Małecki

Michał Małecki architect

We are a young, energetic and creative team whose passion is creating perfectly designed spaces. In our projects we want to open ourselves up to customers’ needs, create a space filled with emotions, pleasant associations, yet fully functional and ergonomic.The main feature of our services is their comprehensiveness. Every stage of designing interiors, from an idea, through detailed technical drawings, collective selection of materials in stores, creation of complete catalogs of materials, to a full supervision over an executed project is important for us. Regardless of the place of an investment, whether it is Cracow, where our office is located, or some other city. We also specialize in designing unique furniture, perfectly suited for spaces we make.We want places we create to perfectly fit in with tastes and personalities of their residents. Only then can a house or an apartment become this one special place that inspires, helps to relax…and turns in to home.

As broadly experienced architects and interior designers, we have numerous projects in Cracow, Wroclaw and other cities in our portfolio. We offer professional, comprehensive and unique arrangements of houses, apartments, offices, restaurants, hotels, stores… Every interior has hidden potential, see for yourself how many possibilities dwell in your place.

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